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Integrated Manufacturing Research and Application Center (SU-IMC) PhD Projects

On this page, you can find the list of PhD projects that are ongoing in SU-IMC in 2021 Spring Semester, and in which you can still take an active role. Please click this link to meet with the entire research staff of the Integrated Manufacturing Research and Application Center. Please feel free to contact the designated Project Supervisor indicated for each project, in order to receive more detailed information.

Project Title

Project Supervisor

Borçelik and Sabancı University Development, Modeling and Characterization of Innovative Materials for Next Generation Flat Steel Material Technologies

Murat Büyük

Development of Design, Manufacturing and Quality Control Methods for Automatic Fiber Placement (AFP) Method for Aerospace Applications and their Validation

Eralp Demir

Sabancı Üniversitesi -Adel Kalemcilik Tic.ve San.A.Ş.2244 Industrial Ph.D. Program

Burcu Saner Okanburcu.saner@sabanciuniv.edu

Numerical Moeling and Experimental Verification on the Effect of Fibre and Resin Hybridization in 3D Orthogonal Woven Polymeric Composite Materials

Serra Topal

Innovative Asymmetric Cyclopolymer (CP) and Cyclopolymer Thin Film Composite (CP-TFC) Membranes with Modified / Integrated Polyamide Thin Film Composite (mPA-TFC) Membranes in Water Treatment

Selda Erkoç İlter

ISOPREP (1 PHD + 1 Post-Doc)

Serkan Ünal