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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (FENS) PhD Projects

On this page, you can find the list of PhD projects that are ongoing in FENS in 2023 Fall Semester, and in which you can still take an active role. Please click this link to meet with the entire research staff of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences. Please feel free to contact the designated Project Supervisor indicated for each project, in order to receive more detailed information.

Project TitleProject SupervisorQuota PHD/Post-Doc
Large-Scale Optimization Problems and Applications Involving Matrix MultiplicationBurak Kocuk burak.kocuk@sabanciuniv.edu0        1
Intersection questions in polynomial dynamical systemsMohammad Sadek mohammad.sadek@sabanciuniv.edu1        0
Stability of negative capacitance in ferroelectric/dielectric multilayers and its limitsİbrahim Burç Mısırlıoğlu burc.misirlioglu@sabanciuniv.edu2        0
Application of Reverse Digital Twins in Machining ProcessesErhan Budak erhan.budak@sabanciuniv.edu1        1
Mitochondrial-dysfunction-inducing antibiotics as the novel chemotherapeutic agents against cancer chemoresistanceAlex Lyakhovich alex.lyakhovich@sabanciuniv.edu2        0
Design and Control of a Pneumatically Driven Hyper-Redundant Under-Actauated Soft Robot with Programmable StiffnessMelih Türkseven melih.turkseven@sabanciuniv.edu1        0
Selection Of Peptide Sequences That Can Cross The Blood-Brain Barrier Using State-Of-The-Art 3d In Vitro Organ Chip Models And Integration With Nano-Carrier SystemsNur Mustafaoğlu Varol nur.mustafaoglu@sabanciuniv.edu2        0
Torsion Subgroups Of Jacobian VarietiesMohammad Sadek mohammad.sadek@sabanciuniv.edu0        1
Development of Critical Building Blocks for mm-Wave and sub-THz Front-End Transceivers on CMOS Towards 1 Tbps Wireless CommunicationsKorkut Kaan Tokgöz korkut.tokgoz@sabanciuniv.edu1        1
Development of Unique Anode for H2 Production with Bipolar Membrane ElectrolyzersSelmiye Alkan Gürsel selmiye.gursel@sabanciuniv.edu1        0
Gbm-Shuttle: Glioblastoma Blood-Brain Barrier Model For Developing Nano-ShuttlesNur Mustafaoğlu Varol nur.mustafaoglu@sabanciuniv.edu1        0
Cost-Efficient 6g Radio Access Network For Internet-Of-EverythingMohaned Chraiti mohaned.chraiti@sabanciuniv.edu1        1
Computational Models of Radiative Heat Transfer Through Fibrous Thermal Insulation Protection MaterialsKürşat Şendur kursat.sendur@sabanciuniv.edu1        1
Strategic Planning for Transition to Next Generation Clean Energy Technologies using Multi-stage Stochastic ProgrammingBurak Kocuk burak.kocuk@sabanciuniv.edu1       0
Determination of Dielectric Properties of Glioblastoma and Cells in Its Microenvironment by Dielectrophoresis Method and Separation of GBMH Cells from These Dually Co-cultured CellsMeltem Elitaş meltem.elitas@sabanciuniv.edu2        0
Secure RISC-V Processor Architecture with Post-Quantum Cryptography Instruction Set ExtensionMelik Yazıcı melik.yazici@sabanciuniv.edu3        0
Ultra High Speed ​​Spindle Design and Optimization with Active Magnetic Bearing for Micro MillingBekir Bediz bekir.bediz@sabanciuniv.edu0        1
Investigation of structure-property relationships in the amyloid-like supramolecular peptide nanofibrilsAyşenur İşcen Akatay aysenur.iscen@sabanciuniv.edu1         1
Terahertz Communications for Drone (Sensor) NetworksÖzgür Gürbüz ozgur.gurbuz@sabanciuniv.edu2        0