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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) Master's Projects

On this page, you can find the list of Master's projects that are ongoing in FASS in 2024 Spring Semester, and in which you can still take an active role. Please click this link to meet with the entire research staff of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Please feel free to contact the designated Project Supervisor indicated for each project, in order to receive more detailed information.

Project TitleProject SupervisorQuota
Neural Representation of Excessive Information Compressed and Masculine by the Visual Brain

Nihan Alp

Effects of Auditory Cues on Economic Decision Making: An Incentive-Based Experiment

Özgür Kıbrıs  

Investigation of the Developmental Origins of Mental Imagery Variability through the Evaluation of Visual-Object and Visual-Spatial Games

Olesya Blazhenkova

Women's Participation in the Labor Force in Turkey: A Mapping Study Between 2004 and 2021

Esra Durceylan Kaygusuz