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European Studies Program

Sabancı University European Studies MA Program provides a comprehensive study of historical and contemporary developments in Europe, specifically of the European integration process, from a multi-disciplinary perspective. The students will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of the European political and administrative systems as well as historical and philosophical foundations of modern Europe. They will also gain the necessary skills to compete for increasing opportunities in careers within the newly emerging institutions of Europe as Euro-bureaucrats and policy-makers, as representatives of and/or analysts/consultants to governments, NGOs and the private sector in all matters relating to the European Union.

Given Turkey\'s candidacy, there is a pressing need for advancing EU studies in Turkey and generating an awareness in the Turkish public opinion as well as the policy-making circles about the European Union, its decision-making procedures, its institutions. This is reflected in the increasing demand coming from the private sector to employ specialists who know how decisions are made within EU and how they might be effectively pursued and shaped. Private sector organizations in Turkey will require all the human resources they can find to compete in the increasingly complex European and related global markets. Similarly in the government sector, the prospects of the start of accession negotiations imply an immediately growing need for a new breed of able and knowledgeable public servants specializing in the European related issues.

Program Requirements may vary according to the year of first enrollment. Please click to see the program requirements for new students.

Continuing students may track their program requirements on Student Resources web site based on the relevant level (undergraduate/graduate), year of first enrollment and program.

Announcement about applications to European Studies program.