Double Majors

What is a double major?

Pursuing a double major means pursuing two different undergraduate degrees at the same time. After the successful completion of both, you will earn two separate diplomas in two distinct fields of study.

What undergraduate programs are available for a double major?

For students who registered to Sabanci University as of the 2019-2020 academic year all 13 undergraduate degree programs at SU are available for a double major application. For students who registered to SU before 2019, all undergraduate programs except for Industrial Engineering, Psychology and Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design are available for a double major. A list of all undergraduate programs can be seen HERE.

What are the requirements for declaring a double major?

Please check the Declaration Guidelines Video Tutorial and refer to the Student Resources Double Majors Page for current information about double majors requirements.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing a double major?

Although a double major may undoubtedly bring some benefits, it requires a lot of extra work and sacrifice. In order to make the right decision of whether to pursue a double major or not, first make sure you consider the following list of advantages and disadvantages of earning a double major:


  • Having a double major can increase your career prospects. Many employers may prefer to hire fresh graduates with a double major believing it reflects a strong work ethic, excellent time management and organizational skills and a more diverse knowledge in various fields.
  • Obtaining a double major can provide you with more career options. You can choose among positions from any of your two major fields, as well as apply for jobs or follow career paths that require a very specific set of knowledge and skills, which you may have obtained during your double major studies
  • Completing a double major degree will give you an additional sense of pride and personal accomplishment, as you will almost certainly have to put in a lot of extra work and sacrifice in order to fulfil the graduation requirements for both degrees.


  • Be aware that pursuing a double major may delay your graduation. Students with a single major usually graduate within 8 terms, but double majoring can easily add an extra 1, 2 or more terms to the time it takes to complete your studies and graduate.
  • Choosing to study two majors at once brings fewer opportunities to explore new areas of study or personal interests. At university, you may have to sacrifice some of the electives you wish to take for courses which you must take to fulfil the degree requirements. At a personal level, you may need to sacrifice from your interests, as you will have less free time to join many Student Clubs or do your favorite hobbies.
  • Students who study a double major should anticipate having a busier academic life. Double major students are expected to spend additional time on their studies, as they have heavier course loads for several semesters.
  • Studying a double major may require you to make a quick decision and choose your first major earlier. Because of various course prerequisites, students may need to decide on majors as early as their freshman year. This allows them to get courses organized properly from the very start, especially if they wish to minimize the number of additional terms they will need to complete their studies.

Who can help me decide about double majors?

To gain more information about the majors, you can contact the related Diploma Area Advisors. You may also consider discussing your plans with your Academic Advisor.

If you are not sure whether pursuing a double major is right for you, do not hesitate to share your thoughts with BADA Advisors and/or Career Counselors by scheduling an individual appointment.