Conflict Analysis and Resolution

The Program on Conflict Analysis and Resolution at Sabancı University is the only Master’s program of its kind in Southeastern Europe, taking a regional lead in training a new cadre of conflict resolution specialists and peacemakers from Turkey and countries around the world. Initiated in Fall 2000, the Master’s program in Conflict Analysis and Resolution has the following goals and objectives:

  • Presenting students with an analytical perspective that will enable them to define objective parameters as well as the perceptual and psychological context of conflicts.
  • Equipping students with theoretical understanding and practical skills in conflict resolution so as to assist them in managing conflict situations creatively and constructively. Various approaches to conflict resolution and conflict management techniques are introduced, such as negotiation, mediation, problem solving techniques, and track two diplomacy.
  • Encouraging students to apply their conflict resolution background to policy issues related to disputes in or among governments, organizations, civil societies, corporations and think tanks, such as the Istanbul Policy Center, located at FASS.
  • Offering students an international perspective which encourages them to consider the changing nature of diplomacy in the post-Cold War era. In this context, the Program treats different frameworks of conflict resolution as a tools to study and generate alternative foreign policy options.

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