Art Theory and Criticism

The honors minor program in Art Theory and Criticism merges diverse aspects of visual studies into a unique curriculum, providing the students with an understanding of the major intellectual trends and debates in the visual arts, including art history, theory, criticism, and museum studies. This comprises a study of the new philosophies of vision that have emerged over the past decades and affected our ways of seeing and the new technologies and media that have redefined lifestyles and social relations. A significant aspect of the program is its critical approach. New methods and theories drawn from a variety of disciplines provide students with an intellectually challenging and stimulating venue where they can develop analytical skills to explore the visual arts and their intellectual and theoretical underpinnings. The broad scope of this innovative program ranging from art history and theory to criticism and curatorship, includes an interactive study experience in Istanbul\'s art exhibitions, in particular the Sakıp Sabancı Museum, offering our students a unique opportunity to test their theoretical knowledge.