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Application from the Universities in Ukraine

Special student conditions of students coming from Ukraine will be carried out according to the principles announced by the Higher Education Council. 

Please click for the conditions announced by the Higher Education Council. 

Please click for the FAQS and answers about the conditions announced by the Higher Education Council. 

Applications, evaluations and registrations will be carried out according to the schedule below. 

Special Student Application Dates: 11-15 April 2022 

Online applications and all required documents need to be completed until 15 April 2022, 17.00 (Turkish Time). 

Students who applied for transfer but could not benefit from it should apply until 17:00 on Friday, 26-29 April 2022. 

Registered students will start their education for the courses they are accepted to in the Fall semester of the 2022-2023 Academic Year. 

Approval for special student application cannot be considered as the approval of any diploma programs. 

Upon request, students taking courses from Sabancı University as a special student are given a transcript showing the courses they are enrolled in and the grades they received from these courses. 

Required Documents:

All documents must be official documents prepared in Turkish or English. Notarized Turkish or English translations of documents prepared in different languages must be submitted along with the original copies.

  • Application Form:

Personal and academic information and course requests are filled in, and photo of the student is sealed in this form. 

Before filling out the application form, approval must be obtained from the lecturers of the courses (also from the program coordinator for graduate courses). Approval should be requested by sending an e-mail to the relevant faculty members with the transcript taken from the student's university attached. Confirmation emails of faculty members should be uploaded to the application form. 

Special Student Application Form

  • Transkript:

Students should receive official transcript from their universities. 

  • Approval from the enrolled faculty or graduate school department directorate: 

Official approval letter of the council of enrolled faculty for undergraduate students; official approval letter of the department directorate of enrolled graduate school for graduate students. 

  • Application Fee: 

300 TL application fee must be paid (to the Akbank Sabancı University Branch “account number 30727”) in line with the information in the email you will receive after completing the application. 

Application fee is paid only once for the related semester and it is non-refundable. 

  • English Proficiency Exam Result:

A document showing that the applicants are successful in one of the national and/or international foreign language exams accepted as equivalent by the university, at the level determined by the university,

(*) For undergraduate courses: English proficiency exams and scores for exemption

(**) For graduate courses: English proficiency exams and scores for exemption

For the applicants studying in a program of which medium of instruction is entirely English; an official document which indicates the language of the program, prepared by the Student Affairs of the university, preferably in a sealed envelope. If this information is specified in the transcript, no document is required. 

An English Assessment test will be held by the School of Languages for applicants who have applied and been accepted to the Foundation Development Year.

  • Student Certificate: 

Student certificate, taken from currently registered university, is required for students. 

  • Passport Pages: 

Applicant’s passport page with their pictures and identification information and the pages which shows the entry and exit stamps of the applicant throughout their education in the related university/institution. 

Yurda giriş-çıkış belgesi from e-devlet for the Turkish citizens. 

You can see the courses offered at Sabancı University from the link below. 

Course Schedule 

Special Student Application and Tuition Fee

Application Fee (to the Akbank Sabancı University Branch “account number 30727”)300TL
For undergraduate and graduate students – fee per course (to the Akbank Sabancı University Branch “account number 48754”)TBA