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Course Registrations: Undergraduate Course Registrations / 12-14 Feb.

Dear Students,

Undergraduate course registrations will be held between 12-14 February, 2024.

Course registrations can be done via Information System in the stated dates; between 09.00 a.m. on the first day and 4.30 p.m. on the last day.


At the first day of the course registrations only:

●      Senior students (Senior: Have at least 94 SU credits) placed in a diploma program, can register to “Required” and “Core" courses (valid from the course registration term) of the program.

(Students who don’t meet this condition will get Class Restriction error and they may try to register as of the second day of the course registration period.)

●      Other students can register to critical courses (*) according to Course Registration Days & Times table.

You can reach detailed information about course registrations from the links below. We strongly recommend you to visit those pages so that you can register courses easily.

●      Preparation to Course Registrations

●      Course Registration Days & Times

●      Information System Course Registrations

●      Registration to Freshman University Courses

●      Registration to Different Level Courses

●      Course Registration Holds (HOLD)

●      Course Registration Overrides

●      Technical Warnings During Course Registrations

●      Course Registration Warnings

●      Critical Courses

●      Course Overloading Requests

During the course registration period, students will be able to run the Degree Evaluation application to see their progress regarding their program requirements. The application will not be accessible during system peak hours (09.00-12.00).

We wish you success in the new academic term,

Student Resources