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Course Registrations: Internship Course Registrations / 12-14 Feb. 2024

Dear Students,

Internship course registrations can be done through Information System, between February 12-14, 2024, by selecting 2023-2024 Summer term.

Please click for detailed information about internship application. 

Internship courses that can be registered according to the programs: BIO 395, CS 395, CULT 300, ECON 300, EE 395, IE 395, IS 300, MAT 395, ME 395, MGMT 300, POLS 300, PSIR 300, PSY 300, VA 300

*Please click to see the internship courses’ sections and CRN’s of course sections.

Attention ! Students who are on exchange programs must register to internship courses through the Information System.

Click here to reach the course registration details.

We wish you success in the new academic term,

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