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Part of the university experience and the setting of many fond memories is the dormitory.The term “dormitory” in Turkey may invoke a vast variety of images in the minds of university graduates depending on their experiences of dorm life and the physical setting of their experience.

For us, dormitories are an essential part of a proper university education and a happy life at university, where friendships are made and where tolerance, sharing, helping others ­–the art of living together in short– is learned. Our housing facilities are designed as homes away from home, where students can gather around for a friendly conversation or study in solitude, all within a family atmosphere.

For the convenience of our students, all housing rooms have showers, lockers and a separate telephone for every student.

Students have the opportunity to connect to their private internet line at their desks, or use the shared internet connection in the study halls located on every floor to study. When they want to relax, they can visit the common TV rooms on every floor or enjoy refreshments from vending machines.

Rooms are built for 2 or 4 students and designed to allow their occupants to study or sleep without outside disturbances – even when there are other occupants in the room.

Cleanliness is a priority in housing facilities and dedicated personnel clean all areas in the dormitory. Students can wash their personal items free of charge in the fully automated washing and drying machines located in the laundry rooms, and use the facilities provided for ironing.