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SOC 301 Political Sociology 3 Credits
This course introduces students to the study of power, politics, and the state from a sociological point of view. Topics to be covered include sociological theories of domination and the modern state, the social origins of political regimes, collective action in revolutions and social movements, class coalitions and welfare states, social cleavages.
Last Offered Terms Course Name SU Credit
Spring 2020-2021 Political Sociology 3
Spring 2019-2020 Political Sociology 3
Spring 2013-2014 Political Sociology 3
Spring 2012-2013 Political Sociology 3
Spring 2011-2012 Political Sociology 3
Fall 2010-2011 Political Sociology 3
Prerequisite: SPS 101 - Undergraduate - Min Grade D
and SPS 102 - Undergraduate - Min Grade D
Corequisite: __
ECTS Credit: 6 ECTS (6 ECTS for students admitted before 2013-14 Academic Year)
General Requirements: