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PSY 399 Independent Study II 3 Credits
This course allows students to explore an area of academic interest not currently covered in regular course offerings. Under the supervision of a faculty member, students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning, including developing together a reading list, developing research skills, and gain hands-on experience in carrying out a research study. Students must receive the approval of a supervisor faculty member prior to enrollment.

Last Offered Terms Course Name SU Credit
Spring 2018-2019 Independent Study II 3
Spring 2017-2018 Independent Study II 3
Spring 2016-2017 Independent Study II 3
Spring 2015-2016 Independent Study II 3
Spring 2013-2014 Independent Study 3
Fall 2013-2014 Independent Study 3

Prerequisite: __
Corequisite: __
ECTS Credit: 6 ECTS (6 ECTS for students admitted before 2013-14 Academic Year)
General Requirements: