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POLS 526 Continental Political Thought 3 Credits
This is a critical study of some of the key concepts and theories that underlie most of political theorizing in Continental Europe since 19th century. Special emphasis will be placed on German and French traditions. The basic aim of the course is to elucidate the historical linkages and trajectories of different strands of political thought and thus to understand the distinctive features of Continental political theory traditions. Readings include selections from Kant, Hegel, Freud, Heidegger, and Baudrillard.

Last Offered Terms Course Name SU Credit
Spring 2013-2014 Continental Political Thought 3
Spring 2008-2009 Continental Political Thought 3
Spring 2007-2008 Continental Political Thought 3
Spring 2000-2001 Globalization and Law 3

Prerequisite: __
Corequisite: __
ECTS Credit: 10 ECTS (10 ECTS for students admitted before 2013-14 Academic Year)
General Requirements: