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HIST 513 Readings in Historical Thought 3 Credits
More concentrated, in-depth readings in periods or fields that are not comprehensively covered in HIST 511-512, such as (a) the ancient (Greek and Roman) historians; (b) Medieval European and Ottoman chroniclers and historians; (c) Renaissance and Enlightenment historians; (d) the 18th-19th century development from antiquarianism through linguistics into history proper; (e) the systematization of the new "scientific history" early in the 19th century; and (f) a more detailed examination of the development of history throughout the rest of the 19th century. Recommended particularly for History students intending to concentrate on Historiography, as well as for Social Sciences students interested in the history of political ideas or intellectual history.
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ECTS Credit: 10 ECTS (10 ECTS for students admitted before 2013-14 Academic Year)
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