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PROJ 303 Summer Internship 0 Credit
This is a non-credit required course that aims to foster field work experience in the student's chosen area of study. The course offers the students the opportunities to gain insights into the nuances of business and social environments; to learn about specific issues facing firms in the domestic and the global market; to improve their understanding of other cultures and societies; to foster research; to outreach to the global community. The course aims to enable students to learn about the conditions under which they would launch successful start-ups and expose them to the breadth of various issues. In order to realise these goals, the course includes experiential opportunities for students to put their new skills to work in real-world settings in line with their program requirements.

Last Offered Terms Course Name SU Credit
Summer 2017-2018 Summer Internship 0
Summer 2016-2017 Summer Internship 0
Summer 2015-2016 Summer Internship 0
Summer 2014-2015 Summer Internship 0
Summer 2013-2014 Summer Internship 0
Summer 2012-2013 Summer Internship 0
Summer 2011-2012 Summer Internship 0

Prerequisite: (ENG 300 - Undergraduate - Min Grade D)(can be taken concurrently)
and (PROJ 102 - Undergraduate - Min Grade D
or PROJ 201 - Undergraduate - Min Grade D)
Corequisite: __
ECTS Credit: 2 ECTS / 3 ECTS (for students admitted in the 2013-14 Academic Year or following years)
General Requirements: