Course Catalog


  Diploma Area Advisor: Çağla Aydın
The minor in psychology program equips the students with a strong base in psychology and develops a scientific understanding in a wide range of its subfields. The program introduces the students to the contemporary issues and research questions that can have implications for a variety of disciplines, providing a sound formation that will prepare interested students for graduate study in psychology and cognitive science. It is also designed to meet the needs of students who recognize that an understanding and analysis of individual psychological processes is an important component of their education and overall career goals.


Course Category Min. ECTS Credits Min. SU Credits Min. Courses
Required Courses - 6 2
Area Elective Courses - 12 4
Total - 18 6


Required Courses

6 credits must be completed from the table below. (2 Courses)

  Course Name ECTS Credits SU Credits Faculty
     PSY 201 Mind and Behavior 6 3 FASS
     PSY 303 Research Methods 7 3 FASS

Area Elective Courses

Minimum 12 credits must be taken from PSY coded undergraduate courses. (4 courses)

  Course Name ECTS Credits SU Credits Faculty
     PSY 310 Cognitive Processes 6 3 FASS
     PSY 315 Memory 6 3 FASS
     PSY 317 Learning 6 3 FASS
     PSY 320 Developmental Psychology 6 3 FASS
     PSY 325 Infant Development 6 3 FASS
     PSY 330 Individual Differences 6 3 FASS
     PSY 340 Social Psychology 6 3 FASS
     PSY 343 Relationship Science 6 3 FASS
     PSY 350 Introduction to Neuroscience 6 3 FASS
     PSY 360 Abnormal Behavior 6 3 FASS
     PSY 362 Clinical Applications of Psychology 6 3 FASS
     PSY 370 Emotion 6 3 FASS
     PSY 380 Testing and Measurement 6 3 FASS
     PSY 382 Personality 6 3 FASS
     PSY 398 Independent Study I 6 3 FASS
     PSY 399 Independent Study II 6 3 FASS
     PSY 403 Advanced Research in Psychology 6 3 FASS
     PSY 405 Culture and Cognition 6 3 FASS
     PSY 410 Advanced Topics in Social and Cognitive Psychology 6 3 FASS
     PSY 414 Psychology of Language 6 3 FASS
     PSY 415 Selected Topics in Memory and Cognition 6 3 FASS
     PSY 421 Cognitive Development 6 3 FASS
     PSY 422 Social Development 6 3 FASS
     PSY 440 Topics in Psychology in the Public Interest 6 3 FASS
     PSY 445 Selected Topics in Social Psychology 6 3 FASS
     PSY 450 Cognitive Neuroscience 6 3 FASS

* Faculty Courses

**Courses in more than one areas are listed in the area according to order of appearence in Summary of Degree Requirements list. That is, if a course is both area elective and core elective,then it is listed in core elective courses list.

***Graduate courses are not listed in undergraduate area requirements even if they are among them.

****Since graduation requirements may change dependent to the enrollment year to the University, we advise our students who enrolled at SU in previous years and still continue their education, to track their graduation requirements completion via Information System - Degree Evaluation.