Professional Graduate Programs

Sabancı University professional graduate programs are application-oriented, project-focused programs in both engineering and management fields designed especially for those who want to specialize in related fields in order to bring qualified workforce to the sector.

All of the master's programs for professionals are non-thesis and part-time, and classes are held on weekday evenings and Saturdays.

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Graduate School of Engineering and Natural Sciences Programs

Information Technologies

With the mission of bringing a qualified workforce to the industry, the program aims to provide participants with the technical skills, the ability to produce solutions and competitive power, and furnish the industry with professionals having these skills to respond to the rapidly changing industry needs. In the design of the training program, a content and format has been adopted, where theoretical knowledge is supported by applications and enriched with laboratory studies taking into account industry expectations and new technologies.

Detailed information and contact:
Web: msit.sabanciuniv.edu
Tel: 0 (216) 483 9982
Email: msit@sabanciuniv.edu

Energy Technologies and Management

The ETM Program is designed to provide participants with knowledge and skills from different disciplines required by studies in the field of energy, to train qualified human resources needed for the energy sector, and to create a platform for continuous cooperation between energy companies, industry experts, researchers, and relevant government agencies.

Within the scope of the ETM Program, field trips are organized in order for students to see the practical applications of the subjects they have learned theoretically in the courses and to get on-site information from the engineers who operate the power plants about the installation and operation of power plants working with different energy sources and the main problems encountered.

Detailed information and contact:
Web: etm.sabanciuniv.edu
Tel: 0 (216) 568 7190
Email: etm@sabanciuniv.edu

Digital Transformation in Industry (New)

Increasing the competitiveness of societies in the digital transformation process depends on having human capital trained in this field. The social and economic landscape that we are used to (which is mostly consisted of issues that we could “observe, predict and control” thanks to the technological advances that we have witnessed particularly after the Second World War) is becoming a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) environment with the ongoing digital transformation. Along with the productivity & efficiency, which make more sense in a predictable world, agility is also added to the list of decision-making criteria set. Likewise, the convergent thinking skills, which aims to find the right solution in the fastest way, needs to be supported more by the divergent thinking skills, i.e., creativity, which focuses on producing many alternatives. That is to say, adapting to this new normal requires competencies consisting of a different attitude, different perspective, different abilities, and different knowledge.

Detailed information and contact:
Web: https://fens.sabanciuniv.edu/en/dt
0 (216) 568 71 98
Email: msdt@sabanciuniv.edu

Cyber Security

While the extent of financial damage caused by cyber-attacks highlights an important shortage of experts in our country and in the world, it also brings unprecedented career opportunities. Using Sabancı University's experience and innovative approach in the field of education, cyber security non-thesis master's program is designed to raise the highly sought-after qualified workforce in this field.

Detailed information and contact:
Web: sec.sabanciuniv.edu
Tel: 0 (216) 483 9982
Email: sec@sabanciuniv.edu

Data Analytics

Data Analytics integrates statistical science with modern numerical computing methods to create business value from large volumes of data and enables companies to access the information and tools they need to unlock this potential. Companies need an educated workforce that can choose the right and appropriate data group to be used for analysis, use the tools to model this data, and report the transformation that business processes should undergo by interpreting the results. This program is designed to provide participants with the analytical skills and knowledge that innovative companies seek in order to create and maintain the competitive advantage they need.

Detailed information and contact:
Web: da.sabanciuniv.edu
Tel: 0 (216) 483 9647
Email: da@sabanciuniv.edu

Sabancı Business School Programs

Executive MBA

The Executive MBA Program is a program designed to prepare mid-level managers to become senior managers ready for global competition. The fact that the Executive MBA program is part-time is considered an advantage as the participants see their responsibilities in the program and in their business life as learning opportunities that complement each other. The program aims to integrate the information provided by the readings and lectures on a platform where participants can learn from their own experiences and from their classmates. Participants are expected to work as a team, and to participate actively in discussions and other studies in the lessons and in the projects they attend outside of class hours. As part of the Sabancı Executive MBA program, an educational trip is organized to Columbia Business School in New York, and students take courses on Negotiation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship from CBS faculty members. This trip is a mandatory part of the EMBA program.

Detailed information and contact:
Web: https://sbs.sabanciuniv.edu/tr/emba
Tel: 0 (216) 568 7188
Email: emba@sabanciuniv.edu

Professional MBA

MBA Program for Professionals was prepared to provide the necessary competencies to professionals who want to take what they have learned in university and business life one step further, and who want to rise rapidly by assuming managerial responsibilities in business life. The program was designed to present how to manage customers (marketing), money (finance), product and service production (operations), people (organizational behavior), leading the company towards a goal (strategy) and change (innovation and leadership).

Detailed information and contact:
Web: https://sbs.sabanciuniv.edu/tr/pmba
Tel: 0 (216) 568 7190
Email: pmba@sabanciuniv.edu


The Masters in Finance Program (MiF) is a rigorous, 12-month, part-time professional degree program specializing in applied finance. In addition to theoretical foundations, students acquire practical knowledge with the hands-on training they receive in the Finance Laboratory (CAFE), which reflects the latest developments in technology. This center, which is the only finance laboratory in the region, is equipped with the latest applications and software, and offers students modern learning opportunities. The program, which is structured under the guidance of the Advisory Board, which consists of financial managers who have achieved success in their respective fields, aims to provide students with all the skills needed by financial professionals today.

Detailed information and contact:
Web: https://sbs.sabanciuniv.edu/tr/mif
Tel: 0 (216) 568 7188
Email: mif@sabanciuniv.edu

Master of Science in Marketing (New)

The Master of Science in Marketing Program (MiM) aims to successfully reflect the changes in the marketing paradigm by further integrating the newest approaches stemming from the development of digital technologies into the marketing discipline. Marketing processes built on creating value for customers can now be managed with real-time and analytical techniques. Updated techniques ensure that market analysis and marketing strategy can be carried out efficiently and effectively and focused on the customer's needs.

Finally, companies and brands today have to cope with the continued growth of social media channels, the increasing empowerment of users on social networks, and the development of new digital tools. The third goal of the MiM program is to introduce the innovations that digital transformation brings to the field of marketing.

The program's curriculum covers a wide range of core marketing topics and interests, including omnichannel marketing, integrated marketing communications, consumer behavior, digital marketing, branding, and data insights for marketing, and a wide range of electives that enable further specialization in interests.

Detailed information and contact:

Web: https://sbs.sabanciuniv.edu/en/mim
Tel: 0 (216) 568 7198
E-posta: mim@sabanciuniv.edu

Business Analytics for Professionals

Today, emotional and intuitive decisions in organizations are replaced by data and information-driven decisions. Taking data-driven information and knowledge-based actions that can provide end-to-end positive financial returns and even strategic advantages regarding the activities of organizations requires the ability to process data using the right models in line with organizational goals.

As the demand for a workforce capable of making decisions based on data grows rapidly in the business world, business analytics-related professions are becoming the most needed professions in the world.

The Business Analytics program aims to provide the competencies of solving real problems that organizations face thanks to its application-oriented focus involving data and model-based business decision-making through the use of many different disciplines.

Detailed information and contact:
Web: https://sbs.sabanciuniv.edu/tr/pban
Tel: 0 (216) 483 9647
Email: pban@sabanciuniv.edu