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The Quotas of Graduate Programs

Sabancı University 2023-2024

Academic Year Fall Semester

Graduate Programs Quotas

Graduate School of Engineering and Natural Sciences 
Quotas for Master's Programs With Thesis 
Computer Science and Engineering-M.S.30
Electronics Engineering-M.S.15
Industrial Engineering-M.S.15
Energy Technologies and Management -M.S. (*EÜAŞ Quotas)15+7*
Materials Science and Nano Engineering -M.S.25
Mechatronics Engineering-M.S.25
Molecular Biology, Genetics And Bioengineering-M.S.15
Cyber Security-M.S.15
Manufacturing Engineering -M.S.20
Data Science -M.S.15


Quotas for Master's Programs Without Thesis

InformationTechnology-M.S. without Thesis40
Energy Technologies and Management-M.S. without Thesis (**EÜAŞ Quotas)30+15**
Cyber Security-M.S. without Thesis30
Digital Transformation -M.S. without Thesis30
Data Analytics-M.S. without Thesis50
Quotas for Doctorate Programs 
Computer Science and Engineering PhD Program15
Electronics Engineering PhD Program15
Industrial Engineering PhD Program15
Physics PhD Program15
Mathematics PhD Program15
Mechatronics Engineering PhD Program15
Materials Science and Nano Engineering PhD Program40
Molecular Biology, Genetics And Bioengineering PhD Program15
Cyber Security PhD Program15
Manufacturing Engineering PhD Program15


Graduate School of Social Sciences

Quotas for Master's Programs With Thesis 
Cultural Studies-With Thesis15
Economics-With Thesis15
Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design-With Thesis15
History-With Thesis15
Political Sciences-With Thesis15
Turkish Studies-With Thesis15
Psychology-With Thesis15


Quotas for Master's Programs Without Thesis

Cultural Studies-Without Thesis3
Economics-Without Thesis5
History-Without Thesis3
Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design-Without Thesis3
Turkish Studies-Without Thesis3


Quotas for Doctorate Programs

History-PhD Program15
Gender Studies-PhD Program15
Economics-PhD Program15
Political Sciences-PhD Program15
Experimental Psychology- PhD Program15
Social Psychology- PhD Program15


Sabancı Graduate Business School

Quotas for Master's Programs Without Thesis 
Business Analytics-Without Thesis30
MBA-Without Thesis30
Master's in Finance-Without Thesis30
Professional MBA-Without Thesis60
Executive MBA-Without Thesis50
Master of Science in Marketing-Without Thesis30
Action Research and Transformation-Without Thesis30


Quotas for Doctorate Program

Program AdıQuotas
Management-PhD Program15