Course Catalog

LAT 130 Intermediate Latin I 3 Credits
This course is a continuation of the LAT 120 course. The course aims to help students further develop lexical and syntactic knowledge as well as their knowledge of the language and everyday communication skills. This is done using texts from the works of Julius Caesar and Cornelius Nepos.

Last Offered Terms Course Name SU Credit
Summer 2017-2018 Intermediate Latin I 3
Spring 2016-2017 Intermediate Latin I 3
Spring 2015-2016 Intermediate Latin I 3
Summer 2014-2015 Intermediate Latin I 3
Summer 2013-2014 Intermediate Latin I 3
Fall 2012-2013 Intermediate Latin II (LAT301) 3
Fall 2011-2012 Intermediate Latin II (LAT301) 3

Prerequisite: LAT 120 - Undergraduate - Min Grade D
or LAT 313 - Undergraduate - Min Grade D
Corequisite: LAT 130D
ECTS Credit: 8 ECTS / 4 ECTS (for students admitted in the 2013-14 Academic Year or following years)
General Requirements: