SYSTEM-ON-CHIP Design and Test Laboratory


  • Low Power High Performance HEVC Video Compression Hardware Designs
    supported by TUBITAK, EEEAG 115E290, September 2015 - August 2017.
  • Low Power Motion Estimation Hardware Design for H.264 Multiview Video Coding,
    supported by TUBITAK, EEEAG 111E013, September 2011 - August 2013.
  • Low Power Motion Estimation Hardware Design for Video Compression and Frame Rate Conversion, supported by TUBITAK, EEEAG 108E239, February 2009 - January 2011.
  • Low Complexity Motion Estimation Techniques and Their SoC Implementation,
    Kocaeli University - Sabanci University - Seoul National University, supported by TUBITAK
    and Korea Research Foundation, EEEAG 107E179, March 2008 - February 2010.
  • Low Power H.264 Video Encoder Design for Portable Applications,
    supported by TUBITAK, EEEAG 106E153, February 2007 - January 2009.