Freshman English I (ENG 101)

2022 Spring
School of Languages
4/3 ECTS (for students admitted in the 2013-14 Academic Year or following years)
Ali Nihat Eken,
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Interactive lecture,Workshop,One-to-one tutorial,Group tutorial
Interactive,Learner centered,Communicative,Discussion based learning,Task based learning
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For all students who have passed their Language Assessment Exam, ENG 101 provides advanced communicative, critical analysis and study skills focusing primarily on the development of academic speaking and writing. Beyond maintaining a high level of spoken communication, the oral presentation component of the course emphasizes content, delivery and accuracy through the use of video and related technologies. Within the writing component, students are required to undertake research projects utilizing the latest available information technology for putting together proper papers. Intensive personalized tutorial sessions with instructors and peer groups, in which students receive specific assistance in all aspects of their individual needs, are the foundation of the English 101 course.


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  • 1. To comprehend and critique a variety of texts, e.g. academic readings, literature and audio-visual media. 2. To facilitate class discussions by responding to input, listening to others and expressing their own opinions appropriately. 3. To select and analyze sources, plan and organize information, and work together to formulate their own perspective in order to prepare a group PowerPoint presentation. 4. To utilize appropriate delivery skills (fluency, pronunciation, intonation, body language, eye contact, volume) in their presentations. 5. To understand, analyze, and plan their response to writing prompts for both in-class and take-home essays 6. To analyze, synthesize and utilize academic texts in order to formulate an appropriate response to writing prompts. 7. To demonstrate their understanding of academic integrity by making use of appropriate referencing strategies in their course work.


  Percentage (%)
Quiz 20
Assignment 25
Term-Paper 20
Participation 20
Presentation 15



"Media Gender and Identity" available in Homer Bookstore

In addition, students watch films, documentaries, videos, etc and read articles and reviews to integrate into their assignments.