Structure and Properties of Materials (MAT 509)

2022 Fall
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Materials Sci.& Nano Eng.(MAT)
Ongun Özçelik,
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Doctoral, Master
Formal lecture,Recitation
Interactive,Discussion based learning
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The course is designed to help the graduate students that come from different background to develop a common base to build on. It will introduce different kind of materials briefly, and then focus on the properties of different materials. Throughout the course the main emphasis will be on covering optical, mechanical, electrical, magnetic and thermal properties of different materials' classes.Introductory materials science and engineering education or introductory solid state physics course are pre-requisite.


To develop a basic understanding of the relationship between material structure and material properties during processing and in performance (electrical, optical, and magnetic)


  • 1. Module Specific Skills: (a) explain the presence of energy bands in crystals
  • 1. Module Specific Skills: (b) use the above skill to identify conductors, semiconductors and insulators
  • 1. Module Specific Skills. (c) apply the band theory of crystals to understand basic properties of semiconductors
  • 1. Module Specific Skills: (d) compute certain properties given certain material parameters
  • 1. Module Specific Skills: (e) link electronic behaviour to optical experiments
  • 2. Discipline Specific Skills: (f) apply mathematical and numerical tools to understand and analyze the results of experiments in the light of theory
  • 2. Discipline Specific Skills: (g) identify what materials to use in particular applications
  • 2. Discipline Specific Skills: (h) understand the potential problems in electronic materials especially in reduced dimensions
  • 2. Discipline Specific Skills: (i) use theory in appropriate ways to aid design
  • 3. Individual and Key Skills: (j) have a good understanding of the relation between crystal structure and electrical and optical properties.


  Percentage (%)
Final 35
Midterm 35
Homework 30



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