Introduction to Industrial Engineering (ENS 208)

2022 Fall
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Engineering Sciences(ENS)
6.00 / 6.00 ECTS (for students admitted in the 2013-14 Academic Year or following years)
Duygu Taş Küten, Lütfi Taner Tunç,
IF100 MATH102
Formal lecture,Interactive lecture,Recitation,Laboratory
Interactive,Learner centered,Communicative,Task based learning,Case Study
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An overview of design, analysis and control of production and service operations; systems analysis of various functions within the enterprise; system dynamics analysis of complex interactions among different entities; fundamental industrial engineering tools and techniques for decision making at strategic, tactical and operational levels.


The objective of the course is to introduce the students the industrial engineering profession through fundamental problems that are of interest to modern industrial engineering professionals and familiarize the students with major analytical modeling tools and problem solution methods used by industrial engineers.


- implement algorithms for business problems that can be depicted as an analytical/mathematical problem
- develop mathematical models in the form of linear programming problem formulations and solve these problems with (commercial) solvers
- comprehend how variation and randomness in life/observations can be depicted with functions
- establish the link between industrial engineering and required professional skills
- identify IE problems that you can attack, formulate and solve
- familiarize with industrial engineering profession


  Percentage (%)
Final 35
Midterm 50
Exam 15