Epistemological Foundations of Cultural Analysis (CULT 502)

2022 Fall
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Cultural Studies(CULT)
Hülya Adak hadak@sabanciuniv.edu,
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Doctoral, Master
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With its focus on the epistemological foundations of cultural analysis, this course will prepare students for an applied course in methodology. The course will analyze the construction of knowledge, reviewing the history of methodology in the social sciences and humanities and will introduce the students the research methods, analysis and design. The course will also focus on recent critiques and the emergence of new approaches and methodologies of cultural analysis. Issues such as reflexivity, the positionality of the researcher and research ethics will be discussed. The course will be taught in module format by several faculty members.


  • 1. Identify key approaches to knowledge production in the field of Anthropology;; 2. Identify key approaches to knowledge production the field of Philosophy; 3. Identify key approaches to knowledge production the field of Comparative Literature 4. Identify intersections between the humanities and social sciences in terms of epistemological questions concerning method.