Professional Development Seminar I (MRES 609)

2021 Spring
School of Management
Managerial Research(MRES)
Şerif Aziz Şimşir,
Doctoral, Master
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This is a weekly seminar (coordinated by a faculty member or a faculty team) that all doctoral students are expected to a attend and actively participate.The objectives are to orient the student to research traditions in sub-fields of management studies and to the professional life of an academic. With regard to the first objective students are exposed to current scholarly research through presentations by faculty members and invited speakers as well as the work and experiences of their doctoral colleagues. There are also sessions that specifically explore the current state of research in Turkey in particular areas of management studies . With regard to the academic profession there are opportunities to adress issues related to developing publishable work, the review process, and refereeing as well as getting prepared for teaching responsibilities.