International Marketing (MKTG 823)

2021 Spring
School of Management
Attila Yaprak,
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Doctoral, Master
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International Marketing This course aims to familiarize graduate students with the principles and complexities of developing and executing marketing strategies in the global business environment. It is a problem-solving-oriented course designed for MBA students who expect to undertake challenging marketing assignments. In a nutshell, the objective of the course is to present a systematic application of strategic marketing in the global environment. The focus of the course is on the formulation of comprehensive marketing strategies. While the course focuses on North American, Japanese and European multinationals competing in global industries, it also pays special attention to globalizing emerging economy firms. The course is designed for students to develop a critical appreciation of the forces, both external and internal, that are increasingly shaping the marketing function in the global economy in order to recognize, analyze, and evaluate marketing problems encountered in global business operations.