Project I (MGMT 591)

2021 Spring
School of Management
Timothy Scott Kiessling,
Doctoral, Master
Field work/field study/on-the-job,Other
Project based learning
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MBA students undertaking the "Company Action Project" will register for this course and Project II. This is a non-credit course; project grade will be received in Project II.


The learning objectives of the overall CAP Ecosystem in the MBA curriculum are:
- To engage students in an active action-learning process, aiming to produce added value for the company, and at the same time significantly contributing to learning through being embedded into a course of action in the company,
- To produce reflective management practitioners through a systematic questioning, reporting and discussion process,
- To facilitate development of knowledge in project management practice, by not only engaging a student-team in a project but also help teams compare and contrast all the on-going projects.


1. Assess a client firm's needs well, initially and on an ongoing basis,
2. Interpret quantitative and qualitative data in order to determine the probable courses of action within the framework of the project plan,
3. Competently search and apply relevant knowledge in order to diagnose the existing situation and be able to develop and create new knowledge to suggest new perspectives, options and recommendations for action.
4. Develop a capacity to put seemingly unrelated and perhaps ordinary looking pieces of events and occurrences together into a coherent conceptual scheme; describe and reframe a problem into an actionable project.
5. Classify and prioritize action alternatives within the project process, both for the company as well as for the team.
6. Identify emerging deviations arising from contingent circumstances of the company,
7. Manage time and timing so that the outcomes justify efforts spent or sufficient effort is spent for required outcomes,
8. Demonstrate an ability to form and sustain effective relationships with all stakeholders-company, faculty, own team and other teams.