Entrepreneurship (MGMT 541)

2021 Spring
School of Management
Kerem Kılıç kerem.kilic@sabanciuniv.edu,
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Doctoral, Master
Formal lecture,Interactive lecture,Seminar,On-line task/distance,Field work/field study/on-the-job
Interactive,Discussion based learning,Project based learning,Case Study
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Creative economy necessitates new ideas. Entrepreneurship is the initiator of new ideas. This module discusses the components of entrepreneurship and how a business is developed.


To teach fundamentals of a start-up company


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Identifythe entrepreneurship concept and process,
2. Create a vision for a business, and define the size of the opportunity,
3. Create an innovative value-strategy to capture or create a mass market,
4. Analyze the feasibility of the opportunity using strategy maps and risk management,
5. Create a profit/business model to generate and capture profits,
6. Design the internal processes required to deliver the value proposition,
7. Create a quantitative sales model to verify feasibility of the business,
8. Create a plan to go to market and overcome customer resistance,
9. Describe the startup financing process, and how to construct the financial deal (term sheet),
10. Develop and present in class a business plan (using PowerPoint) and prepare an Executive Summary (using Word) that can be used to attract financing for the startup company.