Polymer Engineering: Processing and Applications (MAT 402)

2021 Spring
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Materials Sci.& Nano Eng.(MAT)
6.00 / 6.00 ECTS (for students admitted in the 2013-14 Academic Year or following years)
Özge Akbulut ozgeakbulut@sabanciuniv.edu,
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Interactive lecture
Interactive,Communicative,Discussion based learning,Project based learning
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Properties of commercial polymers: hydrocarbon plastics and elastomers, other carbon-chain polymers, heterochain thermoplastics, thermosetting resins. Reinforced polymers, the mechanics of fibre reinforcement. Polymer forming: flow properties of polymer melts, cooling and solidification, extrusion, injection, blow, compression and transfer molding, thermoforming. Design: materials selection, designing for manufacture and stiffness.


Building on a background of the relationships between polymer properties and their selection, specification and use in engineering applications, ensure a solid understanding of polymer processing methods and machinery and how these affect the properties of the final product.


Describe how polymers are processed in industry
Describe how processing affects internal microstructure and thus polymer properties
Use this understanding in the design of commercial processes for manufacture of items made from polymers
Apply principles of polymer processing and polymer microstructure to define the properties and functionality of commercial items made from polymers
Specify suitable manufacturing processes for a range of commercial items
Use theory in the design of polymer products and manufacturing processes
Apply analytical skills to commercial item design and manufacture


  Percentage (%)
Final 50
Assignment 25
Group Project 25



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