Gender and Sexuality in Literature (LIT 445)

2021 Spring
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
6.00 / 6.00 ECTS (for students admitted in the 2013-14 Academic Year or following years)
Sibel Irzık,
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This course explores the ways in which literature reflects, influences, creates, and reveals cultural beliefs about gender roles, identities, and sexuality by analyzing short stories, novels, poems, and plays from a diversity of eras and national traditions. Literary texts are studied in the light of major works of feminist and queer literary theories and histories of sexuality. The ways in which gender intersects with other cultural issues such as race, nationhood, globalization, and class is also addressed in the context of specific literary texts.


familiarity with the vocabulary and discourse of feminism, gender studies, and queer theory
acquisition of skills to analyze literature through close reading informed by the critical tools of gender studies
ability to create coherent arguments about literature through the application of critical cultural concepts to text