Mobile Programming (IT 535)

2021 Summer
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Information Technology(IT)
Altuğ Tanaltay,
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Doctoral, Master
Formal lecture,Workshop
Interactive,Communicative,Case Study
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This introductory course will provide an insight to the leading edge world of applications running on mobile devices via wireless networks. The course will start by giving an overview about the evolution of the wireless technologies along with some of the core concepts employed in mobile communications. Students shall use simulation software to design and debug wireless Web applications developed using WML (Wireless Markup Language), WMLScript, and Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME).


Upon successful completion of this class, the learner will be able to:

Use the development tools in the Android development environment
Use the major components of Android API set to develop their own apps
Describe the life cycles of Activities, Applications and Fragments
Use the Java programming language to build Android apps
Make UI-rich apps using all the major UI components
Know UI best-practices
Be familiar with new UI components like Fragments and the Action Bar
Store and manipulate data using Content Providers, Shared Preferences and Notifications
Do background processing with Services and AsyncTasks
Consume RESTful web services


  Percentage (%)
Final 40
Midterm 20
Individual Project 20
Homework 20