Introductory Module (VA 501)

2021 Fall
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Vis. Arts&Vis.l Comm Des.(VA)
Onur Fatih Yazıcıgil, Selim Birsel, Murat Germen, Meltem Işık, Ahu Antmen Akiska, Selçuk Hüseyin Artut, Yoong Wah Alex Wong,
Doctoral, Master
Seminar,Field work/field study/on-the-job,Studio work/practice,One-to-one tutorial
Interactive,Learner centered,Project based learning,Task based learning,Guided discovery
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In this studio the students are expected to explore their individual language in the areas of art and design. Throughout the semester various studio faculty will meet and introduce the student towards his or her specific artistic approach or design understanding . In this semester utilization of diverse methods, materials and techniques by the student is anticipated.


On completion of the semester, students should be able to
a.) pace their creative process and the required design steps towards their individual work independently
b.) acquire the professional record keeping skills, such as individual sketchbooks and visual diary
c.) produce graduate levelfinalized and finished artworks/installations
d.) be able to articulate and elobrate on own work as well as compare his/her artworks with other artists works


The learner is expected to independently create an individual artistic problem and its various creative solutions. He or she is expected transform the creative process towards the production of a body of finished art works that will result in an exhibition and/or screening at a professional level.


  Percentage (%)
Participation 40
Individual Project 60