Illustration as Communication (VA 331)

2021 Fall
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Vis. Arts&Vis.l Comm Des.(VA)
6.00 / 6.00 ECTS (for students admitted in the 2013-14 Academic Year or following years)
Onur Fatih Yazıcıgil,
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VA201 VA203
Interactive lecture,Workshop,Studio work/practice,Group tutorial
Interactive,Communicative,Project based learning,Guided discovery,Case Study
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This course concentrates on the fundamentals of illustration as a communication design tool. Diverse illustration techniques and their applications from layout level to final output will be the main focus of the course. Processes in digital media as well as conventional illustration methods will be interchangeably utilized.


To provide an understanding of illustration and its function in the design process
To encourage creative growth and improve craftsmanship
To develop conceptual skills as they relate to image making
To acquire visual research skills - from realistic to expressive imagery


Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:
- design spot illustration based on observation using various techniques
- create a series of narrative illustrations using a medium they prefer to work with
- visualize a given concept
- use computer imaging and digital technologies to solve design problems through illustration
- develop personal skills both technically and conceptually