Human Rights in World Affairs (POLS 589)

2021 Fall
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Political Science(POLS)
Oya Yeğen,
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Doctoral, Master
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This course introduces students to the foundations of human rights theory and practice. The course analyzes what constitutes as human rights (political, economic, social, and cultural rights) and examines contemporary issues around the globe. The course will also offer a critical analysis of international human rights norms and its enforcement by focusing on major international institutions and the documents that govern the human rights regime as well as the role of states, individuals, NGOs and the media.


This course introduces students to human rights theory and practice. The goal is for students to understand how human rights standards come into being and to what extent they are enforced today. Although we will focus primarily on state repression, we will also look at the societal and economic sources of human rights violations. We will explore the ability of foreign actors to monitor and punish rights violations and the effectiveness of different tactics such as economic sanctions, humanitarian military interventions and micro-level social projects.