Comparative Method (POLS 503)

2021 Spring
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Political Science(POLS)
Ersin Mahmut Kalaycıoğlu,
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Doctoral, Master
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Graduate level course to be offered to students who had already been through Comparative Politics instruction. This course focuses on comparison as a method of control, the logic of comparison in most similar and most different systems, case study, area study approaches in comparative politics.


At the end of the module students will be able to:
1) Identify the importance of control in scientific research.
2) Comprehend the logic of comparative analysis as a technique of controlled research
3) Identify research techniques and epistemology of comparison in political science.
4) Describe main pitfalls, fallacies and challenges in conducting comparative research in political science.
5) Evaluate the way theory help facilitate an understanding how different applications of comparative research from cases, area studies, most similar and most different case comparisons in political science
6) Conduct comparative research exercises using cases, area studies, and most similar and different systems designs.
Discipline-specific skills:
7) Identify the major concepts, approaches, and research techniques in comparative political research.
8) Interpret reasoned criticism of research practices in comparative research
9) Apply abstract logical and research tools, ideas and concepts to actual events and outcomes
10) Draw up research questions and pertinent designs in comparative political science research while using relevant literature.