Composite Materials (MAT 307)

2021 Spring
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Materials Sci.& Nano Eng.(MAT)
6.00 / 7.00 ECTS (for students admitted in the 2013-14 Academic Year or following years)
Diyaroğlu Çağan,
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Formal lecture,Interactive lecture,Recitation,Laboratory
Interactive,Communicative,Discussion based learning,Project based learning
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Constituent filler and matrix materials, manufacturing processes and applications. Review of stress transformations, stress-strain relations and generalized Hooke?s Law. Mechanical characterization of fiber reinforced composite materials. Micromechanics. Ply mechanics. Mechanics of laminates via classical lamination theory. Strength of composite materials. Failure criteria of composite materials. Design of laminated composites. Introduction to analysis of laminated composites by a commercial finite element software


To bring together the basic principles that will be useful for an engineer who is involved with the analysis and design of fiber reinforced composite materials: understanding the mechanics, manufacturing and testing of polymer matrix composite materials


Classify composite materials depending on their constituents.
Describe the types and applications of constituents (fiber and matrix) for fiber reinforced polymeric composite materials
Describe composite manufacturing processes, identify the steps involved in material selection process of composite, and some of the items needed for production fabrication.
Know the stress-strain relation for linear elastic materials with different material symmetries and calculate stress, strain and modulus for a given problem of unidirectional lamina,
Model mechanics of a lamina, and calculate various modulus of composites from the properties of constituents through using mixture rules,
Model mechanics of a laminate using classical lamination theory
Select the variables for design of laminated composites
Implement failure criteria of composites in design of laminated composite structures


  Percentage (%)
Midterm 70
Assignment 30



Design and Optimization of Laminated Composite Materials By Zafer Gürdal, Raphael T. Haftka and Prabhat Hajela,

An introduction to Composite Materials, by D. Hull and T. W. Clyne

Introduction to Composite Materials Design, by Ever Barbero

Mechanics of Composite Materials, by Robert M. Jones

Experimental Characterization of Advanced Composite Materials, By Donald F. Adams, Leif A. Carlson and R. Byron Pipes

Theory of Composites Design, by Stephen W. Tsai