Core Issues in Cultural Studies (CULT 500)

2021 Fall
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Cultural Studies(CULT)
Ayşecan Terzioğlu,
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Doctoral, Master
Interactive lecture,Seminar
Interactive,Learner centered,Communicative,Discussion based learning
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This course introduces the students to the theoretical frameworks of graduate study in Cultural Studies by focusing on the debates around the definitions and uses of the concept of culture as well as on such specific issues as orientalism/occidentalism, cultural constructions and contestations of gender and sexuality, media and popular culture, and the changing configurations of private and public spheres. It combines the overview of the major theoretical and methodological approaches in the field of cultural politics and criticism with a critical discussion of various applications of these approaches in specific social, political, and historical contexts.


demonstrate familiarity with the key concepts and range of theoretical positions and debates in contemporary cultural theory,
identify the different ways in which the concept of ?culture? has been discussed in cultural studies, anthropology and related disciplines,
demonstrate a critical analysis of different texts of ?cultural representation,?
demonstrate an understanding of the links between culture, power and history,
use the key concepts and tools of cultural studies in the analysis of specific issues,
construct coherent and independent arguments based on critical, comparative evaluation of different theories
identify the strengths and weaknesses of theoretical texts and analyze them in relation to one another