Master Thesis (TS 599)

2021 Fall
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Turkish Studies(TS)
Berk Esen, Ateş Ali Altınordu, Oya Yeğen, Senem Aydın Düzgit,
Doctoral, Master
One-to-one tutorial
Interactive,Communicative,Discussion based learning
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Provides a non-credit framework for the continuous monitoring and collegial discussion of MA students' thesis research and writing, which they are expected to accomplish under the supervision of a Faculty member from the relevant field over the second year of their course-work.


At the end of this course, the student will be able to:
1) Demonstrate an understanding of the different approaches, concepts, and theoretical legacies and formulate a primary research question as well as possibly a number of secondary research questions in the particular field.
2) Identify interconnections of knowledge within and across different disciplines and gather relevant qualitative and quantitative evidence or data.
3) Demonstrate an understanding of the multiple methodologies used in analysis.
4) Cultivate a critical approach, be able to conduct original research and develop sound analysis of the particular study.
5) Develop and present advanced oral and written evaluations of one's research and arguments.