Literature Survey : Ottoman-Turkish History, 1800-1918 (HIST 781)

2021 Fall
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Selçuk Akşin Somel,
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Doctoral, Master
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One of a series of eleven courses comprising advanced surveys of the secondary literature relevant to a particular field or period, and intended to prepare PhD students in particular for their comprehensive examinations in one major and two minor fields. May also be taken by other students as a field-specific directed readings course. Requirements : producing a comprehensive reading list (of what has actually been covered), plus a complete syllabus for a comparable undergraduate course in History.


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  • Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to: a.) demonstrate comprehensive knowledge on secondary literature related to Ottoman-Turkish history, 1800-1918 b.) show knowledge concerning historiographical trends in Ottoman-Turkish history, 1800-1918 c.) produce a comprehensive reading list. d.) Prepare a complete syllabus for a comparable undergraduate course in Ottoman-Turkish history, 1800-1918