Computer Graphics and Visualization (CS 543)

2021 Fall
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Computer Sci.& Eng.(CS)
Selim Saffet Balc─▒soy,
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Doctoral, Master
Formal lecture,Studio work/practice
Interactive,Project based learning,Case Study
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This course provides a study of computer graphics representation schemes and rendering algorithms such as advanced methods for representing, displaying, and rendering two- and three-dimensional scenes, general algebraic curves and surfaces, splines, Gaussian and bump-function representations, fractals, particle systems, constructive solid geometry methods, lighting models, radiosity, advanced ray-tracing methods, surface texturing, animation techniques data visualization methods.


To teach advanced real-time computer graphics techniques and interactive technologies.


On successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
Master introductory and advanced computer graphics techniques using GPU
Read a set of state-of the-art research papers and select an advanced graphics techniques to be implemented
Prepare a project on increasing level of realism of a scene using shader techniques.
Master at least one GPU programming language.
Prepare and do research on an advanced research area in real-time graphics;
Implement a graphics engine using shaders;
Use technical manuals, online resources and books to interpret graphics techniques and effects;
Be an effective member of a team;
Present technical matter to a small audience;
Complete a working to a deadline.


  Percentage (%)
Individual Project 25
Group Project 75