Fine Art Practice (VA 321)

2020 Spring
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Vis. Arts&Vis.l Comm Des.(VA)
6.00 / 6.00 ECTS (for students admitted in the 2013-14 Academic Year or following years)
Meltem Işık,
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Formal lecture,Workshop,Field work/field study/on-the-job,Studio work/practice,Group tutorial,Laboratory
Interactive,Learner centered,Communicative,Discussion based learning,Project based learning,Task based learning,Guided discovery,Case Study
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This is a hands-on studio course aimed to provide the students with the opportunity to enhance their creative skills through the completion of set projects in wide range of artistic fields. The course addresses aspects of practice common to all forms of visual art activity, such as coming into existence of artistic ideas, conducting various methods of self-directed visual research for recording and producing artistic ideas and images. Students are required to keep paper or digital journal as a resource and a reference for the development of an innovative and personal approach to ideas and techniques


To provide students with the opportunity to pursue creative skill building via a wire range of studio projects befitting an intermediate level BA or BFA 3-D multi-media studio. The course addresses studio aspects common to all forms of visual art including but not limited to? the object, the anti-object, time based, sound based, public art & interventions. The generation and critique of artistic ideas in group discussion format are central to the course, as are case studies of inquiry in methods of self-directed visual research, for recording and producing artistic images, and projects.


The generation and critique of artistic ideas, and conducting various methods of self-directed visual research, for recording and producing artistic ideas and images, are critical to this course. Students are required to keep paper or digital journal as a resource and a reference for the development of innovative and personal approaches to ideas and techniques. Students are required to develop a technical capacity and understanding for the "Design Build" process which included an individual facility for studio production processes utilizing the Department Lab (shop) facilities.


1. Understand the world, their country, their society, as well as themselves and have awareness of ethical problems, social rights, values and responsibility to the self and to others. 5

2. Understand different disciplines from natural and social sciences to mathematics and art, and develop interdisciplinary approaches in thinking and practice. 5

3. Think critically, follow innovations and developments in science and technology, demonstrate personal and organizational entrepreneurship and engage in life-long learning in various subjects. 4

4. Communicate effectively in Turkish and English by oral, written, graphical and technological means. 5

5. Take individual and team responsibility, function effectively and respectively as an individual and a member or a leader of a team; and have the skills to work effectively in multi-disciplinary teams. 5

1. Develop knowledge of theories, concepts, and research methods in humanities and social sciences.

2. Assess how global, national and regional developments affect society.

3. Know how to access and evaluate data from various sources of information.

1. Demonstrate safe working habits and a general understanding of materials and processes in the visual arts. 5

2. Demonstrate knowledge of representational processes using visual as well as audial material as mediums of representation. 5

3. Show working knowledge of the process of transforming abstract/textual concepts into concrete, audio/visual forms. 4

4. Appreciate and express the cultural significance of art and understand its evolution and purposes. 5

5. Develop an awareness of compositional and organizational strategies for the effective deployment of formal elements of visual art. 5

6. Read visual texts with a deep knowledge of art history and theory and the ability of situating the content and form of the visual representation both in a historical and thematic context. 4

7. Employ necessary background knowledge regarding art administration in the body of museums and galleries. 4

8. Show a practical and technical command of materials and methods in one or more media of the visual arts. 5


  Percentage (%)
Final 25%
Midterm 25%
Individual Project 50%



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