Microcomputer Based System Design (EE 308)

2019 Spring
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Electronics Engineering(EE)
8.00 / 7.00 ECTS (for students admitted in the 2013-14 Academic Year or following years)
Ayhan Bozkurt abozkurt@sabanciuniv.edu,
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Introduction to hardware and software design of microcomputer systems. Basic working principles of microprocessors, memory and I/O devices, bus interconnections, assembly language programming, integration of hardware and software design. Serial communications, parallel interfacing, interrupts and interupt handlers, timing analysis and delay handling in microcomputer circuits. A term project involving the design and implementation of a self-contained microcomputer system for a specific purpose (i.e., embedded system) will be assigned, in addition to regular software/hardware lab assignments.


To develop the skills to design hardware and software for microcomputer based digital systems.

To introduce programming skills for assembly language

To introduce the interfacing of microcomputers to peripheral devices and the interaction of software with hardware components

To develop skills for interfacing computer systems and developing the communications software

To provide each student with an experiment board so that they may get the opportunity for experimenting on a physical microcontroller system


Identify functional blocks and sequence of operations of a microprocessor
Demonstrate fundamental understanding of the interface between the
microprocessor and peripheral devices

Generate assembly language programs for a particular microcomputer architecture and set of peripheral devices
Design a primitive operating system for a basic microcontroller architecture using device handlers and timer interrupts
Locate useful information in an extensive set of manuals regarding the operation, interfacing and programming of a microcontroller
Design computer-to-computer or computer-to-peripheral links using various digital communication protocols


  Percentage (%)
Final 30
Midterm 30
Assignment 3
Individual Project 16
Group Project 16
Homework 5



* PIC24FJ256GB110 Family Data Sheet
* MPLAB Assembler, Linker and Utilities for PIC24 MCUs User?s Guide
* dsPIC30F/33F Programmer?s Reference Manual
* PIC24 Family Reference Manuals (contains detailed peripheral information)
* R. Reese, J. W. Bruce, B. A. Jones, Microcontrollers: From Assembly Language to C Using the PIC24 Family, Course Technology, 2009.