Special Topics in MAT: Nanoengineering in Agriculture and Food Science (MAT 58001)

2022 Fall
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Materials Sci.& Nano Eng.(MAT)
Yusuf Ziya Mencelo─člu -yusufm@sabanciuniv.edu,
Doctoral, Master
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The aim of this course is to describe the state of technology in researches on nanomaterials for modern agriculture and food packaging applications for a sustainable future. This course provides cutting- edge knowledge on both theoretical and applied aspects of nanomaterial design, formulation, application, and management on sustainable agriculture and food supply. The course will focuses on nanomaterials and nanotechnological developments on physical or chemical soil enhancements, controlled delivery and release of fertilizer, sustained release plant protection agents to combat pests (herbicides, insecticides and fungicides) which directly affect the wellbeing of agricultural crops. Moreover, the effect of nanotechnology on post-harvest protection and packaging applications for sustainable agriculture and food supply chain will be covered.