Special Topics in BIO: Gene Regulation and Disease (BIO 58006)

2022 Fall
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Cavit Ağca -cavit.agca@sabanciuniv.edu,
Doctoral, Master
BIO301 BIO332
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1)The lectures will cover aspects of several rare diseases, common infectious viral diseases and multifactorial diseases like AMD. 2)The outcome of disease mutations for protein-protein or protein-nucleic acid interactions and protein functions at the molecular level will be coupled with model organism studies and its consequences for tissues, organs and the whole animal. 3)Both failed and successful therapeutic approaches for a given disease condition will be discussed. Moreover, where available, ongoing clinical trials and the discussion of its disease mechanism and the therapautic aproach that is used will be a part of the course. 4)A short essay will be written covering the etiology, diagnostics and ongoing or possble therapautic appraoches of a given disease. Disease condition will be decided by students at 7th week of the course