Energy (ENS 315)

2021 Fall
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Engineering Sciences(ENS)
6.00 / 5.00 ECTS (for students admitted in the 2013-14 Academic Year or following years)
İsmet İnönü Kaya,
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Formal lecture
Interactive,Communicative,Task based learning
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A one-semester introduction, focusing on a central concept: energy, energy sources, and the environment. Gives students the necessary physics background to form opinions on energy questions. The physical laws of thermodynamics, electricity, and magnetism, and nuclear physics in connection with energy related topics such as: thermal pollution, fossil power, fission and fusion, nuclear power, and solar power. Economic and environmental impacts.


The course aims to provide basic concepts towards understanding the world energy problems, renewable and non-renewable energy sources, their advantages, shortcomings and impacts to the environment.


Identify different types of energy in energy sources, systems or processes.
Be able brake down the energy conversion mechanisms in systems such as power plants, air conditioners, solar collectors etc.
Identify renewable and nonrenewable energy resources.
Calculate thermodynamic efficiency limits of heat engines and heat pumps.
Be able explain the working principle of the various energy conversion systems including heat engines and heat pumps, photovoltaic cells, fission reactors.
Perform basic heat capacity and heat conduction calculations.
Calculate the power and energy capacity of windwills, hydropower plants, geothermal plants etc.
Approximately estimate the energy content of fossil fuels and nuclear fuels.


  Percentage (%)
Final 35
Midterm 50
Exam 5
Homework 10



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