Sport Center

Sport Center


It is located next to the Performing Arts Center; around the lake.

Within the Sports Center, one Main Court which can be used for both basketball , handball and volleyball with a capacity of 1200 audience, one Squash Court in international standards, two Fitness and one Dance Studio exist. Moreover, there is a Fitness Center including cardio and fitness equipments, free-weight training stations with body mass index and body fat measurement program. One Climbing Wall assigned to Outdoors Club is also offering service in Sports Center.

There are 6 Changing Rooms at the Sports Center, 4 of them for teams and 2 for coaches. In each team changing room, 6 showers and 4 toilets exist, in each coach changing room 4 showers and 2 toilets exist. The lockers are for daily use. Sports Center Information Desk provides cabinet lock in return for identity card.

Squash Court and cardio equipments at the Fitness Center are open to on-line reservation between the stated times at the Sport Facility Working Hours page. The ones who like to use the courts or the instruments can make on-line reservation. Fitness and Dance Studio can be used only in trainer controlled activities and are not open to on-line reservation.