Fatih Serkant  Adıgüzel

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Fatih Serkant Adıgüzel

E-posta : serkant.adiguzelsabanciuniv.edu

Araştırma Alanları :

Siyasi ekonomi, hesaplamalı sosyal bilimler

Ödüller :

  • Faculty Affiliate, Harvard Kennedy School Middle East Initiative - Harvard Kennedy School  2023

Yayınlar :

Adıgüzel, Fatih Serkant (2023) "Correlates of deforestation in Turkey: evidence from high-resolution satellite data", New Perspectives on Turkey, Vol.68, 30-48 (SSCI)
Adıgüzel, Fatih Serkant and Cansunar, Asli and Corekcioglu, Gozde (2023) "Out of sight, out of mind? Electoral responses to the proximity of health care", Journal of Politics, Vol.85, No.2, 667-683 (SSCI)
Working Paper / Technical Report
Adıgüzel, Fatih Serkant and Kaba, Mustafa and Koyuncu, Mustafa, "From elected to appointed: the economic consequences of central takeovers on public procurement", September 2023
Adıgüzel, Fatih Serkant and Dausen, Nuzulack and Romero, Diego and Wibbels, Erik, "The impact of legal repression on citizen online behavior: evidence from Tanzania's Jamii forums", August 2023
Adıgüzel, Fatih Serkant and Romero, Diego and Wibbels, Erik, "The impact of legal restrictions on media in Tanzania", February 2023
SU Öncesi Yayınları:

Fatih Serkant Adiguzel, Asli Cansunar and Gozde Corekcioglu (2020), "Truth or Dare? Detecting Systematic Manipulation of COVID-19 Statistics", Journal of Political Institutions and Political Economy: Vol. 1: No. 4, pp 543-557. http://dx.doi.org/10.1561/113.00000021