Bekir  Bediz

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Bekir Bediz

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Education :

B.S., Middle East Technical University, Mechanical Engineering, 2006

M.S., Middle East Technical University, Mechanical Engineering, 2009

Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University, Mechanical Engineering, 2014

Areas of Interest :

Structural Dynamics, vibrations, biomechanics, micro-manufacturing

Publications :

Anamagh, Mirmeysam Rafiei and Bediz, Bekir (2019) "Three-dimensional dynamics of functionally graded and laminated doubly-curved composite structures having arbitrary geometries and boundary conditions", Composites Part B: Engineering, Vol.172, 533-546 (SCI)
Bediz, Bekir (2018) "A spectral-Tchebychev solution technique for determining vibrational behavior of thick plates having arbitrary geometry", Journal of Sound and Vibration, Vol.432, 272-289 (SCI)
Bediz, Bekir (2018) "Three-dimensional vibration behavior of bi-directional functionally graded curved parallelepipeds using spectral Tchebychev approach", Composite Structures, Vol.191, 100-112 (SCI)
Bediz, Bekir and Aksoy, Serdar (2018) "A spectral-Tchebychev solution for three-dimensional dynamics of curved beams under mixed boundary conditions", Journal of Sound and Vibration, Vol.413, 26-40 (SCI)
Papers in Conference Proceedings
Rafiei Anamagh, Mirmeysam and Bediz, Bekir, "Three-dimensional vibration behavior of FGM doubly-curved laminated structures", International Modal Analysis Conference (IMAC), SEM (Society for Experimental Mechanics), January 2019
Bediz, Bekir and Özdoğanlar, O. Burak, "Predicting the rotating tool-tip dynamics in mechanical micromachining using modal testing", International Congress on Machining (UTIS 2018), UTIS Organizing Committee, November 2018
Bediz, Bekir, "Effects of the rotational speed on the dynamics of micro cutting tools", 18th International Conference on Machine Design and Production, Middle East Technical University, July 2018
Before SU Publications:
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