Esra Koca

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Esra Koca

E-mail :

Education :

PhD in Industrial Engineering, Bilkent University, 2015

MS in Industrial Engineering, Bilkent University, 2010

BS in Industrial Engineering, Bilkent University, 2010

Work Experience :

Sept 2015 - Present: Assistant Professor, Sabancı University

Areas of Interest :

Facility Location, Production Planning, Scheduling, Stochastic Programming, Integer Programming

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Publications :

Koca, Esra and Koksalan, G. Irmak (2023) "Capacitated lot sizing problem with periodic carbon emission constraints and multiple resources", International Journal of Production Research, Vol.61, No.19, 6589-6601 (SCI)
Koca, Esra (2023) "Two-stage stochastic facility location problem with disruptions and restricted shortages", Computers and Industrial Engineering, Vol.183 (SCI)
Koca, Esra and Noyan, Nilay and Yaman, Hande (2021) "Two-stage facility location problems with restricted recourse", IISE Transactions, Vol.53, No.12, 1369-1381 (SCI)
Özbaygın, Gizem and Koca, Esra and Yaman, Hande (2021) "An exact solution approach for the inventory routing problem with time windows", Computers and Operations Research, Vol.134 (SCI, SSCI)
Koca, Esra (2021) "Stochastic lot sizing problem with carbon emission constraints", Gazi University Journal of Science, Vol.34, No.1, 148-160 (ESCI)
Koca, Esra and Yaman, Hande and Aktürk, M. Selim (2018) "Stochastic lot sizing problem with nervousness considerations", Computers and Operations Research, Vol.94, 23-37 (SCI, SSCI)
Before SU Publications:

Koca, E., Yaman, H, and Aktürk, M.S. "Stochastic Lot Sizing Problem with Controllable Processing Times", Omega, 53(1), pp. 1–10,2015.

Koca, E., Yaman, H, and Aktürk, M.S. "Lot Sizing with Piecewise Concave Production Costs", INFORMS Journal on Computing 26(4), pp. 767–779, 2014.

Koca, E., and Yıldırım, E.A. "A Hierarchical Solution Approach for a Multicommodity Distribution Problem under a Special Cost Structure." Computers & Operations Research 39(11), pp. 2612 – 2624, 2012.